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Dinosaur Outfit
Dinosaur Outfit


Something about dinosaurs just fascinates boys!
Could it be the power and strength in their massive bodies? Perhaps it is that since dinosaurs are no longer seen stomping around, boys love to imagine a world in which dinosaurs are plentiful.
Whatever the reason, this outfit will surely delight the paleontologist in your young man!
Hand Painted Dinosaur Outfit, Model on Rock
Hand Painted Dinosaur Shirt Closeup
On the tee shirt of your choice of color, a hand painted stegasaurus smiles with a friendly grin that one probably would not see on a real one. Apparently, he does not feel threatened at the moment. If he did, he would surely be threatening to use the spikes on his massive tail.
For unique personalization, the letters in your son's name will form some of the plates on the dinosaur's back.
The jeans show off a massive tyrannosaurus rex, or T Rex, the most feared of all the meat eaters!
Although the raptor is far more cunning, the T Rex out classes him by sheer mass and strength.
This t rex is hand painted with tremendous attention to detail. One can see the muscles rippling under green horny skin, razor sharp teeth and claws, and even his beady eyes.
Hand Painted Dinosaur Jeans Front Closeup

Hand Painted Dinosaur Jeans Back
The back pocket sports a red pteradon, another meat eater. This hand painted prehistoric bird of prey has a tremendous wing span and sharp claws to assist him in catching his next meal.

The price shown is for a tee shirt and pair of jeans, not necessarily Old Navy brand. The pieces of this outfit are available separately on my site. Long sleeved shirts and sweatshirts are available through the shirt only listing for an additional cost. Although the model is shown in royal blue, you may choose from a variety of colors.

You may love this design, but are you a little nervous that this item may not wash well? Set your fears aside! I use fabric painting techniques that work, creating hand painted clothing that is machine washable, comfortable, and durable.

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